What are some of your favorite things to bake?

Uhhh. Stuff. I just like to bake. That's it. I could care less what it is. 

I think it would be a french pastry. 

Eclairs are fun. Macaroons are fun. 

What's coolest thing you ever baked?

Probably either the mint cake or the unicorn cake.

How much does it cost for a birthday cake?

Anywhere from $15 and $50. It depends on:

  • Size
  • Number of layers
  • Number of tiers
  • If you want a special design or a special recipe

How much does it cost for cupcakes?

For a dozen it's $9.00

For a single cupcake it's $1.50

If you want bacon on it: $3.50

How much does it cost for homemade bread?

$7.00 per loaf. White or wheat.

How much are cinnamon rolls?